Has the calorie had its day?

From BBC News

Counting calories is an addictive pastime for many a dedicated slimmer. Croissant or toast? Curry or pizza? Sandwich or salad?

Food labels help millions of people decide what to buy and what to eat. So it’s important that they are accurate but, according to some experts, the system on which they are based is flawed and misleading.

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Why does airline food taste bland?

BBC News reports on the theory that the blandness of airline food is down to noise.

The level of background noise affects both the intensity of flavour and the perceived crunchiness of foods, researchers have found.

It may go some way to explaining why airline food is notoriously bland – a phenomenon that drives airline catering companies to heavily season their foods.

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£110 for a cheese sandwich…

Nope, not a typo…

A cheese show in Somerset is hoping to set the record for the world’s most expensive cheese sandwich.

The Frome Cheese Show claims to be the oldest in the country. And organisers hope its cheese sandwich, costing £110.59, is the world’s most expensive.

It was created by Bath-based chef Martin Blunos and is made with cheddar blended with white truffles and sprinkled with gold dust.

Via BBC News

It’s not just burgers…

Enjoyed reading this article from the BBC News Magazine on American food.

Forget greasy burgers, a growing enthusiasm for good local food in the US is getting the nation salivating, says Simon Schama.

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