I like lemons and really find them an useful ingredient for many different recipes. For example I really like to make a Lemon and Rocket Risotto which adds a great sharp taste to the creamy cheesy rice.

I also use it often as a way of marinading chicken to add flavour and tenderise it. I will often add the lemon to the roasting tray or add them to the barbecue coals.

They also work well as a garnish adding flavour to dishes such as paella. Placing quartered lemons on top of the paella as you serve allows the diners to add some lemon juice if they want to.

I prefer to buy unwaxed lemons as the zest is essential for many dishes to add additional flavour.

More Lemon Slices

These are my lemon slices just after they come out of the oven.

Baking Lemon Slices

Having now made them a few times, I can make them quite fast, though still have to follow the recipe carefully.

I am thinking next time of trying to make them with oranges instead.

Lemon Slices

Made some lemon slices at the weekend using this recipe.

Having now made them a few times, I can make them quite fast, though still have to follow the recipe carefully.

The biscuit base works well and can be used with other things. Getting the lemon custard right is key for these. The recipe calls for a lot of lemons, this time I only used two, but it seemed to work just as well. If you double the sugar, you get a more meringue type texture to the lemon custard.

They also work best served chilled. You can dust them with icing sugar, however I miss this step unless I am serving them to guests as storing them can then get messy.

Lemon Bars

Last week I made Toffee Nut Slices using this recipe. In the same copy of BBC Good Food Magazine and using the same base was a recipe for Lemon Bars.

These are simple to make and really tasty and lemony. Someone who ate mine described it a bit like eating lemon meringue pie.

Lemon Pan Roasted Chicken

I do like to roast chicken portions in the oven with vegetables. In this recipe I also use lemons to impart a delicious citrus flavour to the chicken.

To make this dish, I took some chicken legs and thigh portions. These I slashed with  knife and then placed in a bowl with the juice, peel and the rest of two lemons. I added a splash of white wine. I then added small plum tomatoes, onion, mushrooms and basil.

This was then roasted in the oven for thirty minutes, or until the chicken was golden brown as in the top photograph.

Place the chicken on a plate and add the roasted vegetables.

You can also use the juice from the pan as a basis for a sauce if required.