Organic is “better for you”

When I started buying organic, and about 90% of what I buy is organic, the data and research seemed to indicate that there was no real difference between organic and non-organic produce.

I justified it to myself that possibly it was good for me, but in reality the main reason for buying organic was the flavour, and I still stand by that.


However it was nice to read today that:

Organic produce is better for you than ordinary food, a major European Union-funded study says.

The £12m four-year project, led by Newcastle University, found a general trend showing organic food contained more antioxidants and less fatty acids.

So there we have it, organic food, well organic produce, could be better for you than non-organic produce.

It should be noted that they are talking about organic produce and not processed organic food like crisps or other unhealthy foods.

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Air Freighted Organic Food Rule Change

The BBC is reporting that the Soil Association wants to change the rules on organic produce which is air freighted to the UK.

Food flown into the UK will be stripped of its organic status unless it meets new stricter ethical standards, the Soil Association has warned. The association, which certifies 70% of the UK’s £1.9bn organic food sector, says firms must show trade brings real benefit to developing world farmers. It wants all air-freighted food to meet tough “ethical trade” standards.

Only 1% of organic food in the UK is flown in, so it only impacts on a small amount of the total. Will this impact on developing world farmers? I expect so.

I can’t believe it’s salted butter…

For many years now I have been avoiding salt, I don’t add salt when cooking, I don’t add salt to my food when eating and where possible I avoid foods with a high salt content and where I can I will purchase the unsalted variety.

So when it comes to spread, virtually all margarines (and especially low fat spreads) are out of the question due to the salt content, so I usually go for unsalted butter. I realise ithas quite a high fat content, but I just use less!

ButterMy usual brand is unsalted President butter, I have tried other brands and unfortunately the only other brand I liked was Rachel’s unsalted organic butter, but I can’t find that locally. All the other unsalted organic butters (own brand included) seem to be made by Yeo Valley and I didn’t like it.

So imagine my annoyance when I went to purchase some butter from my local Tesco when I found that they had stopped selling President unsalted, but had started selling salted President butter instead!



I am annoyed, looks like back to Morrisons or Sainsbury to get my butter.

A warning to all coffee lovers out there

Found this interesting article on the BBC News website.

Girl overdoses on espresso coffee. A teenager was taken to hospital after overdosing on espresso coffee.

It would appear that she had seven double espresso coffees and as a result had overdosed on caffeine!

A warning to all coffee lovers out there.

Welcome to Time to eat…

Welcome to Time to eat… a new food blog which is a spin off from the Jimbo Blog.

I have noticed that on the Jimbo blog I have been blogging about food quite a bit and also some of my photographs of food on Flickr are proving quite popular (compared to my other photographs).

Also mentions on Jaiku about cooking and food also proved popular.

Well so here it is… expect a burst of activity to begin with!